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Native People of California

The Tongva (pronounced /ˈtɒŋvə/ TONG-və) are a Native American people who inhabited the area in and around Los Angeles, California, before the arrival of Europeans. Tongva means "people of the earth" in the Tongva language, a language in the Uto-Aztecan family. The Tongva are also sometimes referred to as the Gabrieleño/Tongva (often written "Gabrieleno/Tongva") or Gabrielino/Tongva tribe. Following the Spanish custom of naming local tribes after nearby missions, they were called the Gabrieleño, Gabrielino, or San Gabrieleño in reference to Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. ((from

Religion of the Indians of California
I haven't read much of this yet, but I did peruse a few pages. Looks pretty interesting. I hope it gives me some insight about the people who lived in this area!
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