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I started this journal a long time ago with a different intent. I want to bring it back.

first a bit about me:

I was punk rock before I was a witch. I was introduced to Wicca by my best friend in high school, Cindy. After getting my hands on every book and website I could find I searched for a coven and found one. I was dedicated into the coven in Janurary 2000.

After many years with the coven, I found myself more busy with my growing toddler and being a single mother and working. My spiritual side had to be put on the back burner. I would still keep up with coven activities and read any book on witchcraft and spell craft.

In 2006 I decided to quit my dead-end job, move back in with my parents (who hate ANYTHING Pagan), and go back to school in the medical field. I put my beloved altar supplies and books into storage. I would sneak books into the room I shared with my now 10 year old son. At night I would curl into a book in my bed when I wasn’t reading my school books.

Now I am graduated and finishing my advanced schooling in a month. I moved back into my own house and have set up “shop” in my office/sewing room. I’ve claimed the closet as my own space. I bought a small table to serve as my working space and today dedicated that spot for ME…. and whomever comes to visit me!

I dedicate Mondays as work nights.

I promise to keep to the path.

I want my path to be well worn.
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