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i had a meditation with the culmination of meeting the sky goddess and the earth god. that is what they named themselves. it was amazing and magical.

i have been enamoured with these two beings since i met them the other night.

i imagine the goddess to be a moon goddess, star goddess, air goddess.

i imagine the god to be a vegetation god, wild god, green man.

this is exciting.

candle magic

so i dressed a candle and lit it -

and a little piece of herb caught fire, but went out. the candle is still lit.

what sort of sign (if any) can this be?

i am trying to look up this sort of thing. hmm.

Nine Woods Incense

Nine Woods Incense

Recipe by Scott Cunningham

1 part Rowan wood (or Sandalwood)
1 part Apple wood
1 part Dogwood
1 part Poplar wood
1 part Juniper wood
1 part Cedar wood
1 part Pine wood
1 part Holly branches
1 part Elder or Oak wood

Take sawdust of each, mix together, and burn indoors on charcoal with a ritual fire is necessary or desired but not practical. The incense emits an aroma of an open campfire.

- from Incense, Oils, and Brews by Scott Cunningham.

This recipe sounds so awesome to me. Living in an urban beach environment I don’t get the chance to experience many different types of trees and woods. I love the smell of the forest and the magic it hides. I wish I had access to bits of these woods to make some of this.

Native People of California

The Tongva (pronounced /ˈtɒŋvə/ TONG-və) are a Native American people who inhabited the area in and around Los Angeles, California, before the arrival of Europeans. Tongva means "people of the earth" in the Tongva language, a language in the Uto-Aztecan family. The Tongva are also sometimes referred to as the Gabrieleño/Tongva (often written "Gabrieleno/Tongva") or Gabrielino/Tongva tribe. Following the Spanish custom of naming local tribes after nearby missions, they were called the Gabrieleño, Gabrielino, or San Gabrieleño in reference to Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. ((from wikipedia.com))

Religion of the Indians of California
I haven't read much of this yet, but I did peruse a few pages. Looks pretty interesting. I hope it gives me some insight about the people who lived in this area!

punk rock witch

I started this journal a long time ago with a different intent. I want to bring it back.

first a bit about me:

I was punk rock before I was a witch. I was introduced to Wicca by my best friend in high school, Cindy. After getting my hands on every book and website I could find I searched for a coven and found one. I was dedicated into the coven in Janurary 2000.

After many years with the coven, I found myself more busy with my growing toddler and being a single mother and working. My spiritual side had to be put on the back burner. I would still keep up with coven activities and read any book on witchcraft and spell craft.

In 2006 I decided to quit my dead-end job, move back in with my parents (who hate ANYTHING Pagan), and go back to school in the medical field. I put my beloved altar supplies and books into storage. I would sneak books into the room I shared with my now 10 year old son. At night I would curl into a book in my bed when I wasn’t reading my school books.

Now I am graduated and finishing my advanced schooling in a month. I moved back into my own house and have set up “shop” in my office/sewing room. I’ve claimed the closet as my own space. I bought a small table to serve as my working space and today dedicated that spot for ME…. and whomever comes to visit me!

I dedicate Mondays as work nights.

I promise to keep to the path.

I want my path to be well worn.